What We Believe

  • PRIMITIVE BAPTISTS believe in Salvation by Grace. Jesus Christ was successful. We are not saved eternally because of our faith, baptism, or any other works. Grace only! Nothing else! 
  • PRIMITIVE means original. The Primitive Baptist Church traces its identity to the original first century Church. The split among the Baptists in 1832 resulted in Missionary Baptists and Primitive Baptists. The Primitive Baptists adhere to the original doctrine and practice of the Baptist Church. 
  • THE CHURCH is made up of baptized believers. They publicly meet at scheduled times for worship, to learn about the Lord, and be encouraged in His Service. Worship Service consists of prayer, hymn singing, and Bible-based preaching. There are no boards or other organizational structure above the local Church. 
  • THE BIBLE is God's inspired word to His children. It is for our encouragement and guidance. We use the King James Bible, since this was an accurate translation by scholars. Later versions have been developed by theologians with a bias to particular doctrines. 
  • ETERNAL SALVATION is not conditional on any action of men. The only condition was satisfied 2,000 years ago by Jesus Christ on the cross. Our works, including faith, cannot add to or detract from that glorious manifestation of His love. We will be in heaven because of God's love of us. 
  • BORN AGAIN or the "new birth" means that God gives a sinner spiritual life, after which spiritual activity may take place. BLESSINGS as we live on this earth are promised as a result of our obedience to the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ, as revealed in the Scriptures. 
  • BAPTISM is the answer of a good conscience toward God. It is the duty of believers; however, it is not a condition to eternal salvation. Baptism is by immersion. MUSIC consists of congregational hymn singing without musical instruments. All who desire are encouraged to take part. There were no musical instruments in the early Church and we see no need to add these instruments of entertainment. 
  • SUNDAY SCHOOLS are not a part of our Services. These were not a part of the early Church. Our Pastor is our instructor in the Scriptures. 
  • COMMUNION is for Church members. We partake of bread and wine in remembrance of Jesus Christ's sacrifice for us. We also participate in feet-washing as instituted in John 13. 
  • POLITICS are not a function of the Church. We do encourage members to vote and to support candidates who will follow Biblical Principles. However, we do not take a collective political stand. 
  • MINISTERS are called Elders. We do not use the title “Reverend" since that applies to God only. We do not have seminaries to produce preachers. God calls the preacher -- not men. AUXILIARY meetings and organizations are not a part of our Church activities. Worship Service is our only organized activity.
  • GIVING is done cheerfully, as we are prospered, and on a regular basis. We do not teach the Old Testament practice of a ten percent tithe. That practice was used to support the Jewish priests and their overall government.
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